When I was referred to Patrick, I’d been looking for someone to design a logo with very specific and challenging needs, but didn’t have any clear ideas and was hoping to collaborate with someone who had some inherent design sensibilities. His workflow helped greatly with my lack of specific direction by digging through my creative influences and making suggestions. There were great ideas throughout all of the samples that helped us refine the concept and move toward something effective and unique. Patrick was beyond intuitive in helping me come up with something I wouldn’t have imagined otherwise that fit my general idea perfectly. I definitely hope to collaborate on future projects.
— Jeff Overfield: Figure Ground
It was a complete pleasure working with Patrick! He developed a logo that perfectly reflected my brand and had an impressive step-by-step process so that you knew exactly what to expect when working with him. I have worked with other designers in the past, and this, by far, was the best experience and the best result I have ever had.
— Becca Basic Creative Emporium
Patrick killed it. Working with Patrick is somewhat surreal. He was able to manifest my thoughts even when I wasn’t able to verbalize them. The mark of a great designer is knowing your audience (in my case the client) and give them what they want, but still make it entirely their own. Patrick has this in spades.Completely professional, and a great guy to boot. 11 stars
— Tyson Deines: Musician - Bring Back Joel
Patrick does amazing work and after sending him a bunch of conflicting logo styles that I liked, he somehow managed to still develop a logo that included the design elements I wanted all the while encompassing that super professional look and feel I was going for. I am one happy client!
— Drew Woodall Creative Director/Account Executive/MGR
We came to Patrick Fatica with a half-done web series and a vague idea about how we wanted to market it. Fatica Design helped us find our graphic identity - and as an added bonus we have a brilliant logo to boot. As we’ve taken meetings, shown the project to people, and ultimately found a home for it the art that Patrick created was front and center, often seen before the episodes themselves. Having a logo that really pops and gets the idea across very quickly as we do made all the difference.
— Ben Rock: 20 Seconds To Live
With all the quirky details, last minute realizations and long, dragged out decision making, Patrick Fatica was always there, calm, patient and willing to make things right. Thank you Patrick!
The cd art looks great!
— Terri Binion: Musician
Patrick is always a pleasure to work with on projects. He is prompt and professional with his work and more importantly he is full of ideas! I have worked with him on logo design, company branding, and a direct mail campaign. He listens carefully to your needs and wants and then gets to work with his design and artistic skills to create a marketing image that stands out among the crowd. Whether you’re looking for a new logo, company branding, or a marketing message his designs will help grow your business! He is truly a creative mastermind.
— Kathryn Stelljes: ThinkLiveBe Property Team at Keller Williams Realty
Patrick Fatica designs larger than life creative concepts, none larger then our Olympia Bigfoot campaign in the Pacific Northwest. The ability to transform an idea into visually stunning creative platforms, simply from a phone conversation, shows why we trusted Patrick with our first call.
— DJ Hamilton Senior Account Manager Connectivity Marketing and Media
Patrick is a versatile artist with unique style and technique. Along with his paintings, the graphic design work that he has put out for numerous business’s/projects speaks for itself. I own the Fish Out of Water Sushi Food Truck and Pat designed our logo which is helped my business thrive.
— Al Ruiz: Fish Out Of Water Sushi