The Hammered Lamb

In one of our projects we were tasked with branding the bar/restaurant The Hammered Lamb. The client knew he wanted something fun and lighthearted. He knew he wanted a lamb that may have had a little too much to drink. He also wanted to use the color blue.


In branding The Hammered Lamb we first came up with the LOGO. The first step in logo design are the COMPS. Comps are quick sketches that capture the idea of the design. We knew we wanted the lamb to be laying on his back. This this what we came up with.

The client chose the one he liked the most.

The logo was fine tuned seen in the images below.

And here we have the finished logo with the proper color matching.


In branding The Hammered Lamb we now had the logo. Next we were hired to create a tagline that best suited the personality the client wanted. 

A lamb walks into a bar... was chosen.  We applied the proper font family, colors and textures. We created basic posters, signs, business cards, menu design, and print ads.

To expand the brand we took the lamb character and used him as a mascot for events. We draw the lamb in different situations for event posters. This helps to expand the brand as seen in the posters below.

Now we have what we call a "Universe."  The company can grow at its own pace and with that, everything we do for the Hammered Lamb will live in this "Universe"  This is an ongoing campaign and we're excited to see what happens next!

tshirt mock up ideas.jpg