Rainier Brewery

Rainer Beer has been an established brand serving the Pacific Northwest for over 100 years.

This campaign was based on propaganda posters from the 1940's

Rainier Brewery - Project R

It is the name assigned to a program in which we recruit field agents, like yourself, to assist in successfully locating and retrieving our Grazing Rainiers. They recently escaped the thieving hands of the evil-doers that stole them from their secure location buried deep within Mt. Rainier. 


ARG: Alternate Reality Game

The video above (which we co-created)   was used to explain the ARG: Project R. The slideshow on the right are examples of branding and design that was created for Project R.

Think Live Be Property Team

Sometimes, branding and direct mail go hand in hand. For this client, we wanted to make sure that their direct mail pieces didn't get lost in everyday flood of junk mail.

By breaking down the walls of design expectation, we get you noticed.

National Bohemian Brewery

National Bohemian Beer is an American beer originally brewed in 1885 by the National Brewing Company Baltimore, Maryland. The company's mascot, the one-eyed, handlebar-mustachioed Mr. Boh has been a recognizable icon since the introduction in 1936. 

For this client, we kept a lighthearted approach to the design, while maintaining a brand that was already established.

Here's a commercial we created for Mr Boh in New Orleans. The footage was supplied to us from the client. We were asked to create a one minute spot out of that footage.

Olympia Brewery

For this client, the goal was to brand a new marketing campaign. The concept was to give a million dollar reward for the capture of Bigfoot. Working hand in hand with their marketing team we created the design used for the campaign.